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Hair Care Ingredient Innovation

By: GCI Editors
Posted: July 9, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Argan oil (Centerchem): Offers hair protective effects, as well as softening and anti-drying properties.

BiotHAIRapy (Ashland): Biofunctional extracts that target the outer and inner root sheath of the hair follicle to strengthen hair and make it healthier.

Chufa Milk EC (Crodarom): Consisting of sugars, amino acids, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins B, C and E, the ingredient provides moisturizing and antioxidant properties in hair care applications, as well as skin care.

Cococin (Sabinsa): An ingredient—green coconut water in powdered form with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and growth hormones—that helps support cell growth and hydrate hair.

Collasurge (Croda): A moisturizing active composed of marine collagen amino acids that helps flood hair with hydrating collagen to enhance suppleness and flexibility.

Hybridur 875 (Centerchem): A polymer dispersion that helps deliver superior film and barrier protection properties, making it valuable for hair applications.

Keracyn (Provital/Centerchem): An ingredient obtained from artichoke leaves that is designed to enhance the hair’s own protective shield for health and shine using hydroxycinnamic derivatives.

Kerarice (Provital/Centerchem): An active ingredient derived from rice grains that protects the hair fiber and color from the sun’s damaging radiation.

Rhodiola Complex (Centerchem): An ingredient that helps fight against the damage caused by photoaging and restores elasticity, strength and the natural appearance of hair.

Sapindin (Sabinsa): An extract of the soap nut tree with mild detergent and antimicrobial properties useful in shampoos and hair care preparations, including anti-dandruff preparations.

Soy Complex (Centerchem): Protects hair from external aggressions, restores the hair fiber from the inside, and provides a smooth and radiant appearance for more manageable hair.