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A Feel for Innovation

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: September 2, 2008, from the September 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Dow Corning also offers a thickening agent called Dow Corning® RM 2051, which is a ready-to-use polymer in a silicone base that thickens and emulsifies a wide variety of oils in water-based formulations while imparting recognized silicone properties. This product is designed for leave-on hair conditioners and hair styling products. “It contains trideceth-6, an inverting agent that helps bring the polymer into contact with the aqueous solution of a formulation. When the emulsion is added to water, the polymer expands immediately into the water phase to thicken and stabilize the formulation. As the formulation thickens, the oil phase ingredients are emulsified and stabilized,” said Gyzen.

Filling the Niches in Haircare

When science and sales combine in the marketplace, the results can be impressive. New products that fill niches also place an important emphasis on building relationships with customers and point-of-sale purveyors. The products’ benefits and presentation are among the key points that support today’s marketing efforts.

Marketing continues to retain an important place in the determination of hair care product development. For example, a consumer poll sponsored by National Starch Personal Care showed that 43 percent of all women surveyed in the U.S. find hair volume to be important. Among the respondents who believe volume to be important, more than 80 percent want to increase volume, said Kathy Maurer, hair care marketing manager, National Starch Personal Care. “This survey provides clarity on the types of consumers in search of better volume and the types of products consumers are relying on to obtain it.”

“Women tend to rely on shampoo, conditioners and mousse for volume while men rely substantially on shampoo and gel to obtain hair volume,” Maurer added. “With this detail in hand we looked at our own technologies to determine if we could improve upon the offerings already in the marketplace.” National Starch unveiled the Art of Volume formulating kit in May 2006, featuring some of its technology and formulating expertise within a system of prototypes.