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Fragrance Retention Remains in Top Hair Care Trends


By: Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Posted: March 9, 2010

In most marketplaces, based on research by Bell Flavors & Fragrances, top claims for hair care focused on the use of botanical/herbal ingredients, vitamins and minerals, moisturizing or brightening formulations, and caring ingredients that repair damaged hair.

In Europe, caring for and protecting hair was particularly important, while in Asia-Pacific, many products catered for scalp conditions such as dandruff.

Many products for children and teenagers were found in Latin America, which could serve as an example for other regions, while ethical claims were particularly important in North America.

Much like the overall hair care market, leading claims for shampoos and conditioners relate to caring for hair through the inclusion of botanical/herbal ingredients and toward moisturizing/hydrating, brightening/illuminating, protecting damaged hair. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are also used to help nourish locks and protect against free radicals.

One consistent is the importance of appealing fragrance in hair care products, and, therefore, fragrance retention—which can be improved with the use of Bell Flavors & Fragrances' Aromacote™ formulated into a shampoo.

Bell’s top five hair care fragrances.

The water-based Aromacote™ is a patent-pending fragrance delivery system that functions to enhance delivery of fragrance to the hair.

Aromacote™ for hair consists of stabilized anionic synthetic and biopolymers in water.

View the effect of Aromacote™ on the deposition of fragrance on hair.

For more information on offerings from Bell Flavors & Fragrances, visit www.BellFF.com. Contact Bell for more information on Aromacote™.

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