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Consumer-driven Change—Supplier Insights

By: Alexandra Voigt
Posted: June 30, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In response to these needs, Croda has developed a Keratin Therapy Straightening Prototype kit, which is not based on formaldehyde. It offers excellent straightening and overall manageability that has been shown to last for over a month on some consumers.

In addition to this market area, Croda has and will always continue to offer products that fit the natural and organic claims. This is true for the ethnic market as well. We continue to seek new innovative technologies to fit these natural claims while offering functional solutions to consumer needs. Most of these types of chemistries are marketed in Croda's green and formulary guides where customers can make their product selections based on their individual formulation needs.

Mish: Ethnic hair care is broad based since it encompasses many different hair types. Yet products that address the need for healthy looking hair have application throughout this market segment. As a supplier to the hair care market, ISP offers a number of technologies that offer benefits targeted to the needs of many consumers. For example, in formulating products that address hair and scalp, ISP offers ProLipid 161, a vegetable-sourced hydrophobic alkyl quat in an optimized fatty alcohol blend that delivers superior wet and dry conditioning properties to hair. ProLipid 161 is substantive to hair and offers a pleasant, soft, silky, lubricious after-feel, which is neither greasy nor waxy. Based on a clinical evaluation, ProLipid 161 delivers moisturization to skin from rinse-off formulas; this attribute makes it a perfect addition for hair conditioners where it can deliver scalp moisturization.

The Vincience BiotHAIRapy range of bio-functional ingredients for hair is the latest introduction from ISP. Derived from nature, this product line goes across and beyond ethnic backgrounds and is targeted to deliver benefits to the hair follicle via leave-on products, such as daily hair and scalp treatments, hair serums, leave-in conditioners and styling gels. Three new products within the BiotHAIRapy line (Dynagen, Capauxein and Protectagen) are focused on a different area of hair wellness, but all are designed to help contribute to stronger and longer strands. These products have been shown to significantly boost marker expressions associated with hair strand revitalization and strength via ex vivo testing.

Dynagen, the yeast extract, was designed to boost structural strength while reinforcing and nourishing hair at the root. Capauxein, the corn extract, was designed for hair growth maintenance by targeting cell adhesion and communication. Protectagen, the rice extract, was designed to boost markers of adult hair follicle stem cells which may, in turn, promote hair regeneration; in addition, ex vivo studies have shown that it may help boost hair’s natural defense against UV damage as well.