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May 24, 2007 | 02:05 PM CDT

Hair Care's Growth

By: Jeff Falk

Euromonitor International notes that the competitive nature of the hair-care sector has forced brand managers to seek out rapid growth over a shorter period...

May 22, 2007 | 09:57 AM CDT

Treatment Serum

KaplanMD introduced its Perfecting Serum, a treatment formulated to lift and firm skin...

May 14, 2007 | 02:28 PM CDT

Silky Smooth

JOICO launched its Silk Result Straight Smoother Blow-dry Crème, formulated with traimine complex...

Apr 30, 2007 | 11:50 AM CDT

Tame the Mane

Bain de terre introduced its All Day Straight, a taming gel that provides shine while straightening and smoothing wavy, curly, or frizzy hair types...

Apr 03, 2007 | 03:47 PM CDT


Ojon launched its Mini Restorative Treatment, a concentrated, versatile hair rejuvenator...

Mar 28, 2007 | 08:52 AM CDT

Heated Shine

Thermafuse launched its Shine polishing spray, containing key ingredients...

Mar 15, 2007 | 09:52 AM CDT

Natural Systems

Jason Natural Products introduced its Natural Salon Hair Care line with hair care systems formulated with natural ingredients...

Mar 05, 2007 | 09:58 AM CST

Profile: Ellin LaVar - Banishing Bad Hair Days

By: Ellin LaVar

Everyone has had a bad hair day. But few have used it to guide their choice in career.

Jan 17, 2007 | 11:47 AM CST

Hair Detox

Ojon, Inc. released its Detox Recovery Cleanser to prep hair for deep conditioning or chemical services...

Dec 19, 2006 | 11:51 AM CST

Got 2B at New York’s Bed Club

By: Nancy Jeffries

Lounging on huge, comfy beds strewn with hairstyling products may not be everyone’s idea of heaven, but for hair product junkies, New York’s Bed Club, in the nightclub-saturated center of Chelsea, was a perfect venue to launch Got 2B’s new Magnetik...