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Chasing Tomorrow’s Beauty Trends

By: Daniela Ciocan
Posted: October 31, 2013, from the November 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Also, unisex scents such as Blood Sweat Tears mix exotic notes of tea, tobacco, mixed woods, jasmine and fruits, while Mémoire Liquide Reserve Edition honors the artist and originality in each of us. The old world-style oil bottles with rubber pipettes are an open laboratory found in select luxury specialty stores, allowing each woman the opportunity to have a scent developed and customized for her on the spot—and the recipe is saved to allow for later replenishments.

Supercharged with Food

We close this trend overview with the last key element that I see making headway in several beauty categories—food.

The connection humans have with food is the most basic and elemental, and because we acquaint ourselves with the ingredients and properties of food so early and so intimately through our own experiences, we naturally respond positively when encountering such ingredients used in beauty.

The prevalence of gourmet-type ingredients in beauty products is across the board—in oils, skin and body care, fragrances, and beyond. Trends in the food industry often are adopted in the beauty industry relatively quickly—the organic movement, for example, as well as supercharged power foods (usually fruits and nuts), probiotics and sea plants. Want to know what the next major edible ingredient making headway in beauty will be? Tune into the Food Network or the Cooking Channel and track what’s hot there.

We’ve experienced the popularity of ingredients that come from exotic parts of the world that we are unsure of how to properly pronounce or write, but which we are told are great for our overall health. One such ingredient comes from the manuka bush found in New Zealand. It produces a thick resin, and the so-called manuka honey, known for healing and moisturizing, has been promoted as a natural medicine with antibacterial activity that is superior to other types of honey. The Manuka Doctor skin care brand from New Zealand has a range of formulations based on two key ingredients: certified manuka honey and the brands’ own patented purified bee venom, which it calls “nature’s answer to Botox.”

Also, the açaí palms native to Central and South America—from Belize southward to Brazil and Peru, and growing mainly in swamps and floodplains—are touted as one of the most powerful antioxidant plants by some beauty brands. Karora, an Irish botanical bronzing collection, recently unveiled its CC cream for the face and body with signature ingredients of açaí berry and argan to provide intense skin treatments.

The business of beneficial bacteria also seems to be booming, with the word probiotics showing up on labels of everything from supplements to yogurt to skin care. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that previously mentioned Dr. Lili Fan’s Luksus skin care line has harnessed in a patent-pending stem cell stimulation technology, creating a unique complex that increases protein genesis and decreases protease reaction.

And another brand, feedmyskin, is gourmet skin care designed to—no surprise—feed your skin. Inspired by recipes from some of the world’s premier spas and beauty editors, many of the products are designed to be used chilled.

Science also has now shown that the fresh ingredients in oils, such as truffle and argan oils, contain extremely beneficial compounds in their natural form—and are now proven to have great anti-aging benefits. Infusing old traditional recipes into Skin&Co. Roma’s products is one of the core ways that the beauty brand ensures its products offer anti-aging benefits.

Additionally, Natura Siberica offers a comprehensive health and beauty collection made with wild-harvested Siberian herbs, and the Guam Beauty Mud brand offers an Italian anti-cellulite product via a home seaweed-based body wrap that is clinically proven to significantly reduce cellulite.

A Beautiful Tomorrow

So, what is your definition of a trend? The general direction in which something is moving? A fashion trend would refer to a style currently popular. The word trend can also mean to swerve, turn or change direction quickly.

I think the beauty industry is built on twists and turns, which lead to an exciting dynamic of innovation and reinvention—and we are all on the chase for what’s next. Happy chasing!

As director of marketing for SoGeCos Americas/Cosmoprof North America, Daniela Ciocan is responsible for keeping this professional trade show fresh. She implemented new initiatives such as Discover Beauty and the International Buyer Program, and selects the brands for Discover Beauty, a testament to her vision for what is hot in the industry. She previously was responsible for Awake Cosmetics’ luxury specialty store distribution launch in the U.S., overseeing all aspects of brand management, and following her success with establishing Kosé in the high-end market, she introduced several other brands, such as Sekkisei and Predia, into the masstige sector. Ciocan, who graduated magna cum laude from FIT, currently serves on the ICMAD advisory board and is chairwoman of the communication committee.