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Naturals & Cosmeceuticals at Mass

By: Stephanie Dishart, Pei Wong, Tanja Lindermeier, Evelyn Lu and Lindsay Novellano
Posted: August 26, 2011

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End-caps should be used for more than just promotions. For instance, imagine an end-cap filled with products that contain key trend ingredients like vitamin A or beauty recommended spices? An even more perfect opportunity resides in the travel-size retail section. This location would be ideal for products inspired by places like the Amazon rain forest and Asia, especially when it comes to naturals.

Obviously, there is only so much retail space to execute new ideas and logistically, it is expensive to change end caps for every new concept. Introducing a simple solution—the Roving End-Cap, a truly versatile cart that affords many options, including platforms that allow for brand sponsorship. Cross-selling products can be easily accomplished. For example, a Roving End-Cap with an “Energize” theme could carry fragrances that excite you, supplements that wake you up, and facial products that make your skin glow. To top it all off, consumers get a free smoothie highlighting foods that help revive the mind and body. Retailers not only gain incremental sales but additional retail space that is easy to change and can be used to test pilot new ideas, products and concepts. Best of all, the Roving End-Cap can easily go where the traffic is and helps guide consumers to the right product.

Authentic Connections

Retailers can contribute to consumers’ better health and well-being by helping them make the right product choices by making authentic connections between 1) pharmacy and beauty, 2) products, and 3) products and community. This leads to increased consumer satisfaction and ultimately increased loyalty and sales.

Retailers can help consumers make better health and well-being choices by clearly connecting the pharmacy with the beauty aisle. Introducing the Care Cabinet, a virtual medicine and beauty cabinet that is the ultimate resource for the online consumer. First, like Fresh Direct, the Care Cabinet stores current products for online re-order or pick-up. One added benefit is that based on usage recommendations, it can auto-refill and send products so that you never run out of prescriptions, toothpaste or night cream. It also suggests products based on previous shopping habits or changing seasons. Second, like CVS and, the Care Cabinet houses OTC drugs and provides a diagnostic tool. However, the Care Cabinet also indicates drug interactions and needs based on items already in it. For example, if a prescription creates sun sensitivity, the Care Cabinet will suggest a sunscreen. This Care Cabinet allows consumers to narrow the digital space and connects pharmacy, beauty and personal care in a way that is impossible for traditional bricks and mortar.

If retailers want to become the authority for wellness and help U.S. consumers shift behavior towards a healthier lifestyle, they should focus specifically on women, who make 85% of household purchase decisions.17 Since most of them are mothers, they are the gatekeeper to the family’s health and well-being. It is important to help her choose the right products, and also set a good example for her children18. In leveraging the scientific expertise and equity of brands, retailers can create the authority to offer higher value solutions like wellness programs to consumers.19