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New Research in Natural Ingredients

By: Sherrie Berry
Posted: November 30, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Cara Welch, PhD, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs for the Natural Products Association (NPA), comments, “It’s all about efficacy. If you place two products next to each other, one conventional and one all-natural, and they are both truly effective and share the same price points, it’s a no-brainer that an informed consumer would choose the product with ingredients that have been proven effective, natural and safe for hundreds or even thousands of years.”

The key words here are “informed consumer,” and that is exactly what consumers are nowadays—informed. Remember, a growing number of informed consumers are interested in purchasing a natural alternative that can outperform a synthetic counterpart.

Up-and-coming Natural Ingredients

To get started in your search for the best all-natural ingredients, listen up, because they may be different from what you imagine. Dihydrogen monoxide may sound dangerous to those with a limited knowledge of chemistry or who hold to an ideal of a chemical-free life. There even was an attempt to ban this chemical—it’s a good thing it didn’t pass. If it had, everyone would be without ... water. Yes, dihydrogen monoxide is the scientific name for water. This just goes to show how the lack of scientific literacy and an exaggerated analysis can lead to misplaced fears.

Many natural and organic ingredients and organic blends have names that might raise a skeptical eyebrow. Consider polyglyceryl-2 dipolyhydroxystearate. This very long word sounds dangerous, but it is actually a friendly ingredient. The simple organic terms that were once familiar are now being synergistically married with some very powerfully anti-aging and active compounds that are equally natural, but have tongue-twisting names.

Following is a sneak peek of up-and-coming ingredients that are both all-natural and highly effective.


  • Myoxinola—These botanical hibiscus oligopeptides can help inhibit muscle cell contraction, complemented with activity against biological agents of cellular aging.
  • Macelignan—This active ingredient from nutmeg can cause cells from adipose tissue to increase in volume, thereby allowing wrinkles to become less visible.
  • Zirhafirmb—This four-part synergistic combination, which includes zizyphus jujuba seed extract, recovers and maintains skin’s firmness and elasticity by helping activate gene expression and strengthening intracellular unions.
  • EcoBidensc—This three-part blend promotes a decrease of inflammatory mediators involved in premature skin aging, and protects DNA resistance and senescence. It helps improve fibroblast proliferation and re-establishes antioxidant enzymes after sun stress.
  • Elestan LS 9913a—This offers four-in-one protection and repair activity on the skin’s elastic fiber network, and helps to enhance skin firmness, resilience and elasticity.