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Defining the Future: Part Three in Our Ongoing Web Series

Posted: March 5, 2008
GCI magazine’s interview with natural and organic cosmetics and personal care brand owners and suppliers turned up more answers than we could print in our March 2008 issue. Here are some of the other topics we explored. This is the final segment in this Web-exclusive series.

The Interview Panel:

Nick Koutsianas, Founder, APIVITA S.A.,

GCI: What is your typical audience demographic?

Kayla Fioravanti: Our audience includes anyone who cares about what they put on their skin. Our Chaotic Facial Line is unisex and is designed for blemished and chaotic skin. The typical age group for this line is 12 to 30. The Balance Facial Line is a unisex line that is for anyone with sensitive, damaged and irritated skin. This skin care system knows no age limits. The Absolute Line is typically for women from their thirties and up. Because we sell mineral makeup, bath products, body products, spa products and more, we have a very wide range of ages and ethnic groups. Our price point is in the medium range.

Ido Leffler: We actually are amazed by the amount letters we receive from happy Yes To Carrots family members, ranging in age from 12-years-old to 90.

Steve Byckiewicz: Females, [ages] 15-60.

Noah Bremen: Women [ages] 18-45, but men’s grooming is growing rapidly, and natural/organic and eco-friendliness appeals equally to both sexes. We certainly sell to “enthusiasts,” but the enormous opportunity for us and our retail partner is to trade up consumers who either buy natural/organic in other categories but haven’t yet in beauty or simply are looking for an opportunity to do something that is both right for their bodies and the earth.

Vorravit Siripark: Pañpuri products are unisex. Our customers are mainly 25-45 years old who enjoy natural products without having to forego a sense of luxury. They are educated, sophisticated and cultured.

Angella Green: JASON’s typical demographic are women 35-plus—typically a mother who makes the personal care purchase for the whole family. She most often shops in the natural food stores for both her personal care and food.

Debbie Ludington: Our typical customers [are] women, ages 30-55, with a comfortable income level. They enjoy discovering niche brands that offer good performance, and they are great referrers of these brands to their friends and family. They enjoy the performance and the status of finding a quality brand that isn’t found all over the place. They aren’t afraid to purchase goods online. We also have a custom profile that is male. These gentlemen are aged 40-60, have tried our soaps and salves and have found great results. They take the trouble to place orders themselves, phoning in or ordering online. Performance motivates them, and we receive letters saying that they can’t use any other soap but ours since it has solved their skin problems—usually dryness and irritation from shaving.

Curt Valva: We are targeted to an audience that has chosen to make a difference in lifestyle that transcends across many age groups. He/she is educated in the natural lifestyle, reads labels and makes an intelligent choice when purchasing products. Lifestyle and commitment is more important than say rural versus urban. Education and understanding is the key. If I had to put our customer in a box, I would say she is primarily female, between 35-60, somewhat educated, and above all, she reads labels.