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Putting on a New Face—Environmentalism’s Impact on Ingredients and Packaging

By: Liz Grubow
Posted: July 6, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Looking at category implications, how should cosmetic/skin care companies design for evolving consumers? Based on insights from its caseload, LPK forecasts that this shift in consumer values will become deeply embedded in the psyches of those who endure these changing times. The effect will evolve differently for each generation, and these deeply rooted emotions will create a distinct difference between “then” and “now.” Consumption must become completely reframed and more humanized in order to assure quality, value, worth and meaning. Microcommunities will create an “economy of reputation” and be the ultimate judge of a brand’s worthiness and worthwhileness.

By optimizing global sustainability initiatives, companies can drive new revenue and avoid contemptuous derision by stockholders, retailers and consumers by exhibiting energy efficient protocols in product ingredients, packaging, promotional in-store vehicles and production. Companies that understand that keeping the value proposition transparent, authentic, trustworthy and genuinely honest—while simultaneously addressing the environmental challenges head-on with an impeccable sense of timing—will be seen as the true innovators. Companies that create brands from the inside out and set up communication platforms that translate this into a robust brand expression will increase their reputation in the industry. In turn, those companies will provide a dose of inspiration for those who are struggling to evolve in the quest to preserve the planet.

Liz Grubow is vice president and group creative director of the LPK Beauty Group. In her 20-plus year career, Grubow has helped develop and manage brand identity programs for some of the world’s most successful beauty brands—including Pantene, Olay, MAX Factor International and Cover Girl.