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Talking Beauty and Wellness with Peter Lamas of Lamas Beauty

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: August 31, 2009

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GCI: Your Web site notes that the company’s aim is “to create high-performance products to deliver stunning results that last—and that support a healthy life and lifestyle.” What is the product creation processes in order to meet this aim? Does it require longer development time? How do consumers respond?

Lamas: We’ve done our research in the natural category, finding newer, exotic plant ingredients that are backed by studies. Standard ingredients such as chamomile, aloe and lavender have been around for years, but today, to be more competitive, we are using much more exciting, unique plant extracts. The combination of these unique ingredients with a healthy dose of science is what makes Lamas Beauty a very special company within in the natural beauty category. Because these ingredients are new, it takes more time to do conduct research and testing. We’ve taken additional time to study ingredients to determine how they complement each other and provide extraordinary benefits as the end result.

GCI: If products fit into a lifestyle and meet lifestyle goals, do consumers form a deeper attachment to these products? Are consumers, in general, looking for products that suit a lifestyle—as opposed to a specific need? Have the “needs” just become larger concept needs?

Lamas: The attachment to personal care products has been based on specific needs rather than a particular lifestyle. Specifically with antiaging skin care, consumers rely on these products to diminish lines and wrinkles rather than to complement their lifestyle.

But as of recent and with the increased awareness of the "green movement," consumers are looking to incorporate a natural wellness lifestyle into their personal care routines. Consumers have become more sophisticated and more conscious of what is good and what is not good in regards to what they put on their bodies.