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Green Convergence

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: June 5, 2007, from the June 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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While Duber-Smith notes many formulators are comfortable working with synthetics, there is a need to update as consumer demand increases. According to Duber-Smith, the biggest issue is preservatives, citing the reluctance to use parabens. “There are natural preservatives that really work,” says Duber-Smith, adding that their adoption by manufacturers has been slow.

According to the Natural Marketing Institute, 45% of the general population believes that natural and organic products for skin care are as important as healthy foods. Natural Food Merchandiser, based in Colorado, stated 50% of American households use organic products. Major consolidation is occurring within this well-established trend. For example, Hain Celestial acquired JASON Natural Products, which increases its product availability and has been seen as an indication of maturity in the market. In addition, growth rates are still high. Many companies, whether on the supply or finished product side, are following the demands of the market as products enter broader distribution channels.

Supply and Demand

Numerous developments in botanical sourcing, processing and delivery are taking place among a wide range of suppliers, from those who are specifically organic to those who are combining technologies and creating synergies between ingredients, processing and delivery.

Bio-Botanica features nutraceuticals, herbs (available certified organic), floraceuticals, botanical extracts and more. The company offers expertise in fortifying formulas with combinations of natural ingredients and blends. “We are known for the development of innovative functional products customized to the customer’s specifications,” says Mark Sysler, vice president of sales.
Sysler observes two areas of strong demand in cosmetics and personal care. “One such area is the use of all natural preservatives and the elimination of artificial or synthetic preservatives. Bio-Botanica has developed three all natural preservatives, Biopein, Neopein and Suprapein. These preservatives deliver broad-spectrum activity against a wide range of organisms. The other area of strong demand is antiaging.” Sysler adds that the area of organic-specific materials is growing, but the consumer needs to accept the higher costs and pricing that go along with the organic products.

“The industry needs to be creative and bring new products to market continuously to peak the interest of the consumer,” says Sysler. “Condition-specific products will grow the quickest, and the areas of antiaging and wellness will grow the most. Most of all, the ‘snake oil’ companies need to be put in check to prevent negative publicity and keep natural products and organic products pure.”

Consideration of Environmental Impact