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The Real Appeal of Naturals

By: Giles Bovill
Posted: March 3, 2010, from the March 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Sharing the provenance of ingredients takes consumers behind the scenes, allowing for a deeper level of appreciation. As the current financial situation forces consumers to reassess their buying behavior, they may buy less but more selectively, paying better attention to quality. Suddenly, consumers take less for granted, and the attention is drawn to immaterial well-being, such as home comforts and natural surroundings. This shift in consciousness directly alters shoppers’ demands, which now turns to quality, organic and fairly traded natural ingredients. Some pioneers within the beauty industry foresaw these demands and have led the way. Others now follow.

So, are consumers really leaving home without their signature scents? Perfume remains highly desirable, despite financial constraints. Fragrance houses may be wise to fully laud the beauty of their products’ natural ingredients, focusing on the essence of the essence—the raw materials. Perfumery is an art that will continue to delight, using the world’s odiferous substances as its pantry. By focusing on the virtues and provenance of the ingredients themselves, perfumers can create noteworthy scents that resonate with consumers and are destined to endure the latest trends.

Giles Bovill is senior business and group marketing manager for Treatt plc, an independent ingredients supplier to the flavor and fragrance industry.;