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Up From the Dentist's Chair

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: February 3, 2009, from the February 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

With natural oral care ingredients on the rise, brands are also looking into offering more sustainable options in packaging. Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, for example, uses postconsumer recycled materials for cartons and master cases, which by their nature are recyclable. “Use of aluminum tubes is on the rise,” says Sheffield’s Ana de Oliveira, “and there’s a focus by tube manufacturers to offer postconsumer resin tubes.”

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P&G, on the other hand, prefers to focus primarily on all-in-one marketing claims for its oral care products. “There are, in fact, a great deal of consumers seeking multiple benefits,” says Brinker. “These daily products can be remarkably effective in removing or preventing daily stain deposition,” adds Robert Gerlach, research fellow, P&G. “Even newer approaches combine modern whitening technologies with therapeutic ingredients. One of the best examples is Crest Pro-Health, an advanced, whitening toothpaste that contains stannous fluoride to promote gum health and prevent dental caries.”

The singular claims Beyond Dental & Health’s Eriksen foresees for the whitening segment include improved gingivitis and cavity protection, and increased enamel hardness. P&G will launch a new line of oral care products in March 2009 designed to protect against acid attack on enamel caused by everyday food and beverages, and it is a safe bet that marketers will continue to refine and redefine teeth whitening and oral care in general, promising many glowing smiles well into the future.