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High Performance, Good Business

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 2, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Ron Cummings: The consumer is still going to gravitate toward products they have heard about through advertising, etc.

How have these issues and consumer movements impacted business decisions related to bringing a skin care product or line to market?
Dino Guglielmelli
: We are still focused on the quality of what is inside the package. This will continue to be our focus. Make the best target-specific product, package [it] in a shelf-friendly, environmentally sensitive component, and give it attention through PR and consumer testimony. The business will come.

Ron Cummings: That depends on the kind of company [in question]. Some companies are totally in it to ride the next hype or fad, then on to the next. However, there are a few, like ours, that do not go for the “ingredient of the month” hype, and anything we do is going to be based on very clear, strong science.

Lyn Barbatschi: In business, the beauty industry and the wellness industry have merged together. Facial skin care products have dominated the market with antiaging products for the mature person’s facial skin, [and] now there is more emphasis on all-over body care and wellness. Personal care products are being formulated to help people feel less stressed. When you feel better, you also look better. No one can truly express their inner radiance when their body is overstressed from the demands of today’s lifestyle.
Carolyn Veroni: We want to give the customer what they want, so we wait until the clinicals come out for these ingredients and at what percentage. Then we will usually take a more-is-better approach and usually put in the maximum load of these performance ingredients—such as in the case of newer peptides.

What are the trends that impact skin care, how are they impacting skin care lines and which do you decide to follow?
Dino Guglielmelli: Domestically, trends are driven by celebrities. Results keep trends alive. We have made a decision to focus on quality over everything else. That is our responsibility to the consumer. They entrust us [with giving] them high quality, results-driven skin care; we are making our own trends [by providing efficacious products]. As a manufacturer, we are in touch with the latest trends as other customer request specific products. Quality will eventually be the utmost importance—quality is king. From the quality of the product to the quality of the components and look of the product, [R&D and marketing] must be in synergy, and it is a joint effort. Ultimately, manufacturing must light the torch and marketing must carry it.