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High Performance, Good Business

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 2, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Ron Cummings: What I described [in a previous answer] is actually how I think things should work, but rarely do. What really happens is that a major raw ingredient manufacturer puts out information about a new ingredient. Let’s use as an example the peptide craze of the last few years. All of the sudden, everyone has the same peptide, mixing it with all sorts of [other ingredients] and touting wild and crazy benefits. While the ingredient may be valid, it must be used carefully, as many other ingredients disable the benefits. Or that ingredient may only be effective for specific age ranges or in other very specific situations. The consumer gets the hype, but not the reality of who this ingredient can help.

Lyn Barbatschi: Businesses cannot survive in today’s market without innovative products. Marketing professionals, chemists and formulators are working in symbiotic relationships to create products that help people live longer, healthier lives. R&D and marketing collaborate together to develop creative solutions providing future growth in business.

How is that relationship different today than it was in the past?
Dino Guglielmelli
: For us, it hasn’t changed. I think there are many companies in the marketplace that market what is trendy and drive R&D to come up with an item in a category that is hot—which may create a product that is quality, but strictly for marketing purposes. So if anything, trends, in this celebrity-driven consumer environment, have changed the importance of the roles. This is not necessarily good for the consumer.

Carolyn Veroni: Competition is fierce in this industry, and we need to collaborate as much as possible. We may take as long as two years before we release a product to market. We want to cover all of our bases and feel confident that we have a superior product on the market by today’s standards—ingredient-wise as well as result-wise. We listen and we move forward as we are listening.

What role does technology play in marketing today’s products?
Dino Guglielmelli
: In manufacturing, technology plays an important role through raw material verifications, analysis and manufacturing procedures—which are critical to consistent, high quality and effective products.