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The Pollution Solution

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: April 2, 2007, from the April 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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TEALINE has an anti-radicular effect, and can play the role of a protective active against environmental aggressors. At the molecular level, free radicals generated by environmental pollution may occasion lesions at the molecular level that can lead to DNA mutations. Greentech notes that it is recommended for use in cosmetics—including protective antiaging, soothing, detoxifying and after-sun creams.

International Specialty Products (ISP), through its acquisition of Vincience, offers a full range of skin care actives. Several are designed to improve the natural defense mechanism of the skin as well as protect skin barrier function. Phytoquintescine, an einkorn extract rich in Glutathione-biomimetic peptide, preserves skin from oxidative stresses, and is said to improve the natural defense mechanism of skin so it significantly protects cells from protein carbonylation, DNA damage and lipid peroxidation. Another, Oleanoline, is a detoxifying and soothing olive leaf extract that protects cells from chemical aggression. It is also a UVB insult, and is said to protect skin barrier function and reduce skin irritation. In addition, Phytocohesine PSP, a botanical cholesterol sulfate analogue, reinforces skin barrier function. According to ISP’s Global Skin Research Center (formerly Vincience), it also protects against UV and chemical aggressions and improves hydration in normal and dry skins. Lastly, Collaxyl, a collagen peptide, decreases skin wrinkles, based on clinical research, and enhances skin repair.

To decrease wrinkles and smooth, lift and improve the skin’s natural defense mechanisms with botanically derived active ingredients, ISP’s portfolio includes: perenityl, an antiwrinkle, antiaging active from pear seed extract, rich in ursolic acid, flavonoids and phytosterols; suberlift, a smoothing active from cork oak extract, rich in suberin; ederline, an antiwrinkle apple seed extract, which is said to compensate for age-related hormone decline and aid in increasing collagen synthesis; and lastly, d’orientine, from date palm kernel extract, said to help decrease wrinkles while improving skin’s natural defense mechanisms against oxidative stressors.

Brightening the Retail Environment
Because pollutants are toxins that irritate the skin and deplete it of its moisture, accelerating the aging process, antipollution products are flooding retail shelves, piggybacking the antiaging product trend.

Expertise 3P, a new product from Clarins, is said to shield the skin from various forms of damage—premature aging, sensitivity, dehydration and dullness—caused by electromagnetic waves produced by communication devices. Available as a mist formula, the product is formulated to reinforce the skin’s natural barriers and is said to protect against biological stress and increase cellular energy. Its formulation creates an invisible, adherent protective screen on the skin.