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Breakout Brand—Sunbow Sunscreen

By: Mary J. Palmieri
Posted: August 10, 2011

Recently, at the über-chic Mondrian SoHo’s Imperial No. 9 in New York, I had the pleasure of having breakfast and getting the chance to mingle with fellow beauty bloggers, as well as the founders of Sunbow Sunscreen. Sunbow is one of the first-ever sunscreens that is uniquely marketed to children, versus being marketed to adults as for children, and this is one of the main reasons I decided to name Sunbow the breakout brand of the month.

Hailing from the music industry, company founders Andy Gershon and Joel Menzin have proved themselves clever marketers, linking up with kid-crazy Nickelodeon to design Sunbow’s packaging. The design features some of Nickelodeon’s iconic character brands, and with bottles and sticks displaying the visages of Dora the Explorer, Diego and SpongeBob SquarePants, how can a kid resist?

Not only does Sunbow feature a favorite Nickelodeon character on each product, but the actual lotion goes onto the skin in fun pink, blue or yellow colors. When it dries, however, it dries clear, making the application fun for kids, but not detrimental for parents.

What I love most about Sunbow is that the brand fosters education. Each product in the line features an almost-hidden gem of a fun fact on the back of each bottle or package. Parents can use this little tidbit of information to engage their child, teaching them something new as they bond on the beach or at the pool.

Designed with the health and well-being of children in mind, Gershon decided to develop Sunbow because of his young daughter, who hated the process of applying sunscreen. (Who can blame her, unless you have a tanning butler at the Ritz Carlton South Beach applying your lotion?) So, Gershon partnered up with Menzin and set out on a mission to develop a sunscreen that is easy and fun to apply, as well as being a sunscreen you only need to apple once.