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Sun Shining on Sun Care

By: Nicole Tyrimou, Euromonitor International
Posted: April 27, 2012, from the May 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Merck’s Coppertone is introducing two new lines—the Coppertone Sport Pro Series and Coppertone Wet ‘N Clear. The former is a line specifically designed for athletes as the sunscreen stays on the skin even with heavy sweating and does not run. The latter is a product designed specifically for children, and can be applied directly to wet skin. It is also transparent, moisturizes and is water-resistant. Neutrogena has also launched products specifically for sports enthusiasts as well as a line for babies, while Lancaster offers a line designed for men.

U.K. retailer Boots’ private label Soltan has brought many hypoallergenic products for both children and adults to the market. Boots is also launching its first high SPF dry oil, with an SPF of 50+ to target consumers who prefer the ease of application and transparency of oil but without compromising protection. 

Many brands are increasingly seeking inspiration from skin care and are using natural ingredients or formulations for specific skin problems. Korres’ Yoghurt Sunscreen line and La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios AC SPF 30 Extreme Fluid, which is dermatologically tested on acne-prone skin, are prime examples of this trend.

Convenience Beats Nano Controversy

Driven by greater demand for convenience and ease of application, spray formats remain the most popular, with an average growth rate of 34% since 2005. New innovations like continuous sprays and upside-down packaging have continued to grow in popularity. The ease of application of spray formats appears to be countering rising concerns about their use of nanoparticles and the possible dangers associated with inhaling them. However, some companies are already reacting to this by bringing out nano-free products and providing the FDA with research to prove their products are safe for consumers.

Bottles that can be used upside down are another interesting development, as they are perceived to enhance dispensability and are therefore a greener alternative to top closure bottles. Neutrogena’s Wet Skin and Ultimate Sport use this type of packaging to facilitate application. The stick is another popular format, and is considered convenient for use on children—as seen in Boots’ Soltan Kids line. Coppertone uses foam formulations in both its Sports Series, as well as its new Water Babies series, as an alternative to spray for people who are concerned about the health dangers posed by spray formulations. Foams also are growing in popularity in many beauty categories, from hair colorants and bath and shower to skin care. 

Blurring the Boundaries of Sun Care