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SPF, Efficacy and Innovation

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: August 28, 2008, from the February 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Clearly, education about sun protection is an important part of the equation, and increased consumer awareness and global market demand impact product development in this area. Global sun care market statistics bear this out.

According to Euromonitor, the value of the global sun care market in 2005 was $5.6 billion, which was forecast to reach $7.2 billion by 2010. Figures for the U.S. market alone reached $1.1 billion in 2005, and were forecast to grow to $1.2 billion by 2010. Sun care protection, as well as self-tanners, held prominent positions within the category. Euromonitor says sun protection sales have been helped in recent years by educational efforts linking sun exposure to aging and skin cancer.

“Each year, more Americans understand the dangers of sun-tanning and its link with higher rates of skin cancer,” notes the Euromonitor report. In addition, media attention has focused on the aging effects of the sun, namely wrinkles and age spots. The addition of sunscreen to non-sun protection products, such as moisturizers and foundations, also has helped sales of sun protection products, and despite the fact that sun protection is a fairly mature category, value-added products were expected to drive growth of 2%.

Considering the size of the sun care market and the global regulatory environment that surrounds it, selecting effective products, and using them wisely and consistently, may be the greatest equalizer. Formats and delivery systems abound, from light body creams to oil-free sprays, and products offer everything from hydrating skin conditioners to hair color protection with SPF values. Recent innovations in delivery system technologies and ingredient synergies also are evident in today’s market. Of course, combining delivery system technology and aesthetics with key ingredients is integral to efficacy.

“When it comes to protecting the skin from premature effects of aging, it makes sense to use a high quality sunscreen product with adequate SPF protection,” says Karen Chen, marketing manager, skin care and makeup, Croda, Inc.

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