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Aesthetic Appeal

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: February 8, 2007

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EMD/Merck has developed a number of products designed to provide improved skin protection. Oxynex ST, delivers a high level of photostabilization to Avobenzone and, hence, better skin protection. RonaCare Emblica, a broad-spectrum antioxidant with iron chelating and matrix metalloprotease inhibitory properties, is another product introduced by EMD/Merck for improving skin protection as well as appearance. With an eye toward improved aesthetics, UV-Pearls OMC has been introduced as the next generation safe and inert UV filter. According to Chaudhuri, they do not penetrate the skin, even hours following application. Because of the small particle size (roughly 1 micron) and its incorporation in water suspension, these sol-gel microcapsules have a pleasant skin feel.

Shell Chemicals has seen the volume of its NEODOL alcohols supplied to the personal care market double from 2003 to 2004, and expects similar results in its 2005-2006 numbers with a boost from the sun-care market.

Shell recognized the increasing need for alcohols that can impart both performance and aesthetic qualities, and focused more closely on specific requirements. For sun care products, there is a particular demand for attributes such as absorption, feel and water resistance that can, again, be combined with a reliable and higher level of SPF protection.

“Today, the market for every day sun care products and combination sun care products such as facial moisturizers is rapidly growing. Aesthetic attributes are almost as important as the protection offered,” said van der Meij. “In markets such as the U.K. and North America where demand for sun care has traditionally been seasonal, this creates buoyancy all year round.”

“The changes in sun care products are driven both by the consumer and the manufacturer,” said Melissa Frischling, director of marketing, Lipo Chemicals. “The consumer wants better skin-feel attributes and more effective UV protection. The leading manufactures also want these benefits in their products for improved market focus, market share and a competitive edge. Manufacturers try to develop new and improved forms for applying sun care products, and have expanded the non-SPF product offerings for after-sun exposure and sunless (tanners).”