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A Place in the Sun

By: Sara Mason
Posted: June 7, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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There are challenges to the formulation because SPF technology can be heavy and can leave the skin greasy or oily. “This is particularly noticeable on hair,” explained Dillon-Townes. “Solar Screen manages to deliver SPF 12 protection to sun-exposed scalps while providing lightweight replenishment without being greasy.”

Movin’ On

It is relatively easy to create sun care products today, with dozens of base formulas available. “But as consumers gain a better understanding of basic sun facts, they demand more efficacious, easier to use products that are long-lasting and truly protect them from the sun,” said Greg Tobias, vice president of product development, Astral Brands, whose CosMedix brand launched in 2009 with UVA and UVB sun care protection. “Many of today’s sunscreens degrade too quickly, leaving the consumer unknowingly unprotected. Innovation allows us to take skin protection to a new level.”

More efficacious sunscreens can be manufactured using newly discovered active ingredients such as algae that have a natural sun defense and phytosterols from plants that have natural sun protection factors. Used in conjunction with ingredients, they provide a better, more efficacious product.

When developing innovative sun care products, it is essential to consider the performance of the ingredients used, and the synergistic effects that can be achieved. “The innovation in ingredients, together with the knowledge of these synergies in formulations, is basic for continuous improvement in sun protection,” said ISP’s Gripp.

And while consumers must have a change in mind-set that views sun protection as part of their whole body wellness regimen, it’s the responsibility of brand owners to bring scientific-based products to market over the next several years to meet the needs of consumers. As brands innovate and suppliers provide ingredients that can provide the necessary protection, consumers will be in the driver’s seat.