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Sun Care Entering a Twilight Period?

By: Nicole Tyrimou, Euromonitor International
Posted: April 26, 2013, from the May 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Furthermore, in 2012, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the regulatory body for sun protection in Australia, decided to allow the sale of SPF50 sun protection, provided the product has an accompanied higher level of UVA protection. Despite many of these products already being available, brands have been quick to relabel them and educate consumers about the higher protection. With one of the highest UV radiation levels in the world, sun protection is extremely important to Australians, and many have been upgrading their products to the highest possible protection.

Time for Action

While governments continue to educate consumers on the health dangers of prolonged sun exposure, it is up to sun care brands to educate consumers on the difference between their products and cosmetic products with sun protection as an added benefit. If sun care brands want consumers to use their products daily and not only when they are exposed to direct sunlight during holidays, vacations or while partaking in outdoor activities, they need to differentiate the efficacy and protection value of sun care products from the protection provided by multipurpose products.

Further education for consumers on the importance of daily UVA protection is also vital, as UVA is not as available in skin care and makeup.

Nicole Tyrimou is a Euromonitor International beauty and personal care analyst.