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CEW Welcomes Jane Lauder

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: June 13, 2011

Jane Lauder, global president/general manager of Origins and Ojon, at CEW’s Women in Beauty Series.

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In addition, she cited the draw of an open sell environment. “What women want in a shopping experience is important. Origins was a pioneer with an open sell environment, and we continued to go back to the roots of the brand with a community table in the center. We named our associates "guides," and with our new store, we’re calling it a return to nature’s laboratory.” She added that Origins had launched its new store design in China, which she acknowledged was one of the most exciting things she had done in her career. “It’s a dynamic market and we’ve opened eleven doors in that market, including stores in Shanghai and Taiwan,” she said.

“There were a lot of 'aha' moments in the process,” she said, primarily spending time listening to consumers and doing focus groups. “We found that a main concern was acne, which was surprising, and we’ve just launched an acne sub-brand, which is expected to be a huge seller in Asia.” She also noted the interest in sustainability and naturals in Sweden. “We launched last week in Sweden and Norway, where they are very interested in Origins and the green market.”

Looking Ahead

Regarding Ojon, Lauder cited a growing interest in the prestige hair care market. “I think hair care is so exciting, especially regarding e-commerce and digital opportunities. There are more hair care searches on Google than other cosmetic categories, “ she said, noting that the company's research has shown 17 million Google searches per month.

Regarding retail, “Two of the biggest barriers are choice and convenience. People run out of shampoo more quickly than blush. I think that these two areas will change the dynamic.” Naturals and hair care are the fastest growing beauty categories, said Lauder, who noted that new technologies are coming for battling frizz and other hair care needs.

In addition, she cited sampling and sampling programs for Ojon as key parts of the brand's outreach. “One of the things about sampling for Ojon is that everybody wants a great product and the opportunity to try it. She mentioned Sephora’s Ojon trade-in program, which provided new Ojon hair care products for trade, and also highlighted the importance of initiatives for tree planting, as an Origins initiative to offset energy consumption. The Origins tree planting initiative has resulted in the planting of more than 150,000 trees. In addition, the brand fosters recycling initiatives, one of which gave away 97,000 cleansers in one day in eleven countries, as part of the recycling program, which encourages handing in empty cosmetic containers for trade.