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CEW Welcomes Jane Lauder

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: June 13, 2011

Jane Lauder, global president/general manager of Origins and Ojon, at CEW’s Women in Beauty Series.

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Social media has also been a contributing factor in growing the Origin fan base. In addition to organizing the Origins Rocks Earth Month concerts in New York, Seoul and Shanghai, the brand emphasizes social media as a tool to get useful information to site visitors, including offering a segment by Andre Weil dealing with health and lifestyle. Lauder believes this is an important way to give something extra to consumers. She strongly believes, however, that while “Retail enables purchase at the click of a button, nothing replaces the one-on-one of the shopping experience.” She added that one of the brand’s successes was to send an old-fashioned mailer, which was surprisingly well received.

“We’re also using gaming as a new aspect of retailing. It’s a concept that relieves stress,” she said, likening it to the game of Scrabble. When asked how, as the granddaughter of the founder of the company and a major stockholder, she was able to integrate into the team, Lauder responded candidly. “Being a part of the family has definitely made it easier, and I was always surrounded by the business, however, my favorite part is being able to produce something that the consumer really wants. I loved creating the products based on listening to what the consumer wants, and I am still thrilled to see someone using a product that I have created,” she said.

In response to spotting trends, Lauder said, “You get a lot of ideas just being out and traveling and getting inspired by different cultures. There is always something new. For example, there’s so much growth in naturals and thousands of species yet to be discovered and utilized. We continue to have serendipitous moments when specific ingredients do things you didn’t expect them to do. There’s so much that we don’t even know about yet.”

When asked what her dream job would be, Lauder replied, “It’s not about the dream job, it’s about who you’re working for to enable great learning and growth.”