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CEW Welcomes Andrea Jung

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: September 27, 2011

From left, Carlotta Jacobson, president, CEW; Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO, Avon; and Jill Scalamandre, CEW chairwoman and CMO, Chrysallis.

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In closing, Jung addressed questions from the audience, including her thoughts on the power of advisor relationships and advice for young women in business, saying, “Marketing through trust is valuable. Knowing the people you’re talking to, using the products, staying engaged. That gives it authenticity. Personal touch and the authentic validation of how a product works is what advisors can provide."

For young women starting out, she offered, “Remember a boss. You’ll learn more from mistakes that you don’t want to emulate. Stay the course and persevere. If you learn from a tough situation you’ll be the better for it,” she said, noting that a lot of people can role model after what they don’t what to emulate. Finally, “Have a passion for the work. Let that be your compass, and not the clock. Find and have a love affair with your work—life’s too short.”