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Marc Rosen Launches Book in New York City

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: November 9, 2011

Marc Rosen with Sheherazade Chamlou, vice president of sales and marketing, perfumery division, SGD North America; and Peter Acerra, president and CEO, SGD, North America, Inc.; at the November 2011 launch of Rosen's "Glamour Icons—Perfume Bottle Design" book.

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Apropos of consumer outreach, Rosen explained how the retail environment will also be affected by this publication, as it provides a historical frame of reference for consumers of all ages, and an opportunity to experience the creative, cultural and artistic dimensions of the fragrance design process. Rosen, who spoke to numerous retailers and cosmetic and fragrance buyers in the hope they would sell the publication in their fragrance departments, was delighted to announce a retail initiative being facilitated by Barbara Zinn-Moore, senior vice president, general merchandise manager, cosmetics & Home, Lord & Taylor. “Creating excitement at the store is key,” said Rosen, “and Barbara Zinn-Moore, at Lord & Taylor, is going to be giving the Glamour Icons book as a gift with purchase.”

Zinn-Moore explained that the book is to be a gift with any $100 fragrance purchase at Lord & Taylor. “We are thrilled to be able to partner with Marc and to give our fragrance customers this special treat. We think the fragrance collector, as well as newer customers, will love to receive this special gift.”

Rosen noted that Bloomingdale’s will be selling the book online, on its fragrance page; Neiman’s and Saks are also on board in the U.S.

Suppliers Support Creativity

Suppliers understand Rosen’s passion for the art of fragrance bottle design. According to Sheherazade Chamlou, vice president of sales and marketing, perfumery division, SGD North America, “Rosen is promoting fragrance bottles as an art, not just for their packaging components. It is really an art to be able to create iconic bottles that are so difficult to produce, and designs are getting more and more complicated to produce. Marc is like a historian who’s documenting the whole fragrance industry in his book. Everyone’s looking at the sales numbers, but he’s summarizing the evolution of the industry in a nutshell.”

Cosimo Policastro, executive vice president, fine fragrances, North America, Givaudan, familiar with Rosen’s publication, said, “Having spent time with the book, I found that it is a great reminder that there is no substitute for quality—quality in the fragrance, quality in the design. Quality is what sustains the test of time.”