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Live From New York: State of the Fragrance Industry

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: January 10, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“It’s all about being curious and keeping an open mind. It’s so important to be open to what the possibilities are,” concluded Greene.

CEW Welcomes Brand Innovators
Innovations in Brand Building, the topic of discussion at Cosmetic Executive Women’s Beauty Series presentation at New York’s Harmonie Club, on Oct. 24, provided insights into the evolution of two strong beauty brands. Featured speakers included Kathy O’Brien, marketing director, Dove Skin & Masterbrand, U.S., Unilever; and Leela Petrakis, general manager, Neutrogena Cosmetics, U.S.

Sabine Feldmann, vice president and publisher of Shape (a sponsor of the event, along with WWD/Beauty Biz, Givaudan and 24/7), set the stage for the presentation saying, “Looking good and feeling healthy go hand in hand.”

O’Brien discussed the evolution of Dove, which first launched in 1957 as a beauty bar with moisturizing cream that stood for superior care. “Dove has always stayed true to the fact that it delivers functional beauty,” she said. She also discussed the Dove Natural Beauty Campaign, which seeks to debunk beauty stereotypes and support a woman’s natural beauty and genuine belief in herself. “This mission has guided our product development,” she noted. “Women are looking for higher order benefit.”

The brand spends a lot of time talking to women to create beauty products for every stage of life. A brand must be innovative and respond to what consumers want. “It’s about delivering much more than clean,” she said.