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Marketing Beauty to the Hispanic Consumer

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: January 20, 2012

From left, Alexandra Vegas, P&G; Graciela Eleta, Univision; and Linda Levy, Macy’s, discussed Marketing Beauty to the Hispanic Consumer.

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“It’s got to be a long-term commitment," added Vegas. "With the Hispanic population ramping up to 2 billion in the next five years, it’s got to be a long term commitment."

She noted that while in Latin America there is more of the “kitchen logic,” for example, the utilization of avocados and other natural products for personal care use, “There is still room for many brands," citing whitening or spot treatments an examples. Eleta said that while heritage brands are a small part of the puzzle, it’s really the value for the brand that the customer receives, not always a heritage brand.

All agreed, that for the bi-cultural consumer, magazines play a big role. Vegas said, “Magazines and TV continue to be a big portion, with digital a crucial part of the mix, especially for beauty,” she said. Keeping materials contextually relevant, as Eleta said, remains key.

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