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CEW's Social Beauty Strategies

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: April 23, 2012
CEW's April 19, 2012, event

Left to right, Marisa F. Thalberg, The Estée Lauder Companies; Rachael Ostrom, Aveda; Alexis Rodriguez, Bobbi Brown; and Jill Scalamandre, CEW, Chairwoman and CMO, Chrysalis.

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Rodriguez added, “Content sparks conversation, which sparks engagement.” Bobbi Brown, which just launched Friends & Family on Facebook, has a mantra, according to Rodriguez. “Don’t be everything to everyone. Master the platform that you’re on and plan to win,” she said.

Thalberg concurred, saying, “A portfolio company with 70 brands [i.e. Lauder] sees the opportunity to look at our brands at an enterprise level and see where apps may be best matched. Some of the more emergent partners may not have as strong a marketing platform, so it’s also about partnering and bringing a true marketing collaboration to the relationship. We look at it corporately, but we want to optimize the places where we’re playing to win.” She cited the role of the "community manager," who oversees the social community where the engagement takes place. “The community manager has bloomed across many of our brands, so we have a community of community managers to host their brands’ conversational identity online. We also have a strong community manager training program in place,” said Thalberg.

“There’s an enormous amount of content creation involved,” said Fine, inquiring as to how the content was managed. Ostrom offered that she and her Aveda team hold monthly brainstorming meetings for content. “At a base level, we’re looking at a pyramid structure, where brand voice and engagement strategy are based on content,” she said. Thalberg noted that there are different types of content and that relevancy in the long-term, really supports the brand. “You have to look at whether the conversation is really building the right kind of equity for the brand,” she said.

Rodriguez cited the use of Twitter handles, the "Ask Bobbi Brown" initiative, the utilization of Pinterest and "Everything Bobbi Brown," platforms that enable social interaction with Bobbi Brown herself and follow her travels, all give her consumer a deeper look and engagement with the brand. “We can share this with our consumer via Bobbi Brown’s blog, which is available in numerous languages, including Korean and Mandarin Chinese,” said Rodriguez.

And commerce can be a direct outcome of social media.