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CEW Presents Formula For Success

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: June 29, 2012

Left to right, Olivier Gillotin, Vice President Perfumer, Givaudan; Kathy Widmer, Executive Vice President and CMO, Elizabeth Arden; Carlotta Jacobson, President, Cosmetic Executive Women; and Ron Rolleston, Executive Vice President, Creative & New Business Development, Elizabeth Arden, at CEW’s Formula for Success panel presentation.

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Gillotin responded to the question of what makes a modern classic, saying, “It’s more difficult now, but it can be done. It’s a state of mind. You need to know the concept, for example, with Taylor Swift, innocence, country, a positive attitude... and you need to look at unique and special materials with something different.”

Rolleston added, “A classic has longevity, for example, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Celebrity fragrances can be classics. I wanted to create something that would be beautiful, and her fans would come back to, and I think we did it.”

While the celebrity market is glutted, said Fine, Widmer noted the importance of the celebrity’s ability to translate their special qualities to their fans to impact the success of their fragrance.

Saying that the number of celebrity fragrance launches in triple digits, Widmer added, “It’s tricky. This is a celebrity that has longevity and is loved, but we also look at the celebrity’s ability to translate that quality to their intense following of fans. The same is true of Bieber. Some celebrity fragrances stand the test of time and some don’t. With the digital space, we get a better understanding of the celebrity.”

While the discussion extended to the target audience of the launch, Widmer said that while country fans are a large part of Swift’s audience, there is a much wider breadth of fans for Swift. “She is ubiquitous across the world. I’m sure she is adored by country fans, but she’s a strong crossover artist.”