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SCC Suppliers’ Day News

Posted: May 15, 2008
The annual New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NY SCC) Suppliers’ Day, May 13-14, had a significant naturals leaning in 2008, with numerous suppliers offering ingredients derived from sustainable resources and featuring green technologies, bio-polymers, natural scrubs and more.

Natural Starch featured Naviance Certified Organic Bio-polymers, a new series of functional biopolymers, as alternatives to synthetic and conventional natural ingredients. The series follows in the footsteps of its Amaze XT polymer, a natural ingredient with styling, skin and sun care applications. In the last six years, more than 85% of National Starch Personal Care technology introductions have been in the bio-polymer, an indication that demand for nature-based solutions in personal care is strong. Naviance features two ingredients based on waxy maize (corn) and two based on tapioca. According to the company, the Naviance organic polymers present no compatibility issues and may be used in almost any type of organic or natural personal care product. www.personalcarepolymers.com

Natural Sourcing offered certified organic beeswax, suitable, according to the company, for cosmeceutical applications. The properties allow the ingredient to be used as a humectant, emulsifying agent, emollient and to lend rigidity to cosmetics and soaps. www.naturalsourcing.com

Dow Chemical presented ZinClear IM Zinc Oxide dispersions, which are being marketed and distributed by Amerchol (a business unit of the Dow Chemical Company) as an alternative in sun care protection. ZinClear is said to deliver enhanced photostability and compatibility with other sun care ingredients, can be used at hugher concentrations (improving SPF ratings) and enable broad-spectrum UV protection without the whitening associated with zinc oxide-based products. The ingredient has been certified as a raw material in compliance with the standards for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics by Ecocert, the European certification body. www.dow.com

Beraca launched a new organic active for hair care. Beracare BBA (BioBehenic Active) is a conditioning agent certified by Ecocert, and is rich in behenic acid extracted from Pentaclethara Macrolaba Will (found in the Amazon Rainforest). The oil is traditionally used by the local population for hair and body treatments. According to the company, it promotes conditioning, facilitates compatability and increases shine with a continuous film formation. Beraca also offered natural bioscrubs, designed to improve circulation and rejuvenate the skin. Ingredients in these scrubs included açaí, andiroba and buriti. www.beraca.com