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Beauty and Glam

By: Jane Evison
Posted: November 8, 2006, from the November 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The next panel discussion covered the latest and most effective marketing tools, emphasizing brand values. Sanjay Bhandari, MD, Farmacia Chemists Ltd, described the Urban Healing concept—to “make people feel well in cities.” Successful niche entrepreneurial brands need to balance their goals and ethical stance, influencing how big they become.

Don’t listen to shoppers. That was the shocking advice delivered by Siemon Scamell-Katz, ID Magasin. “Shopping is not a rational experience, but people try to make sense of it,” said Scamell-Katz. A video example of a man shopping demonstrated that he did not act as he told a researcher he had. Traditional marketing models are failing, so the industry must create different connections with consumers, making good use of visuals at the retail level.

Joanne Thompson, Boots Co Plc, introduced the retailers’ perspective. Their research shows that its customers trust the company as an expert friend, due to its health care heritage. It has a unique balance of its private label products and great brand presence, offering a choice from premium to mass products. The Boots Advantage card has been a highly successful customer loyalty program, resulting in increased purchasing by cardholders. Recent redesigns and launches have made the in-store environment more appealing and increased ease of use for shoppers. A panel discussion followed on retailing strategies—such as the role of promotions and sampling.

Andy Knowles, Jones Knowle Ritchie, described the value of good design and how to make consumers’ buying decisions easier in an environment where there is too much choice. The value of a strong, charismatic brand was stressed, as it allowed consumers to choose quickly and confidently.

Joanna Norman and David Pybus, Pandora Ltd, provided an interactive fragrance demonstration that allowed delegates to find a perfume to match their star sign, look at fragrances taken from history and see different global perceptions of popular fragrances.