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"Authenticity" Theme of Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Posted: April 5, 2010

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Investment and technical issues were the focus of the final conference session. Armajit Sahota, president of Organic Monitor, stated the natural personal care industry is ripe for consolidation because it has a high concentration of small-medium sized firms. Mergers, acquisitions and investments are expected to lead to a two-tier market that has large companies occupying the first tier. Alexander S. Panos, managing director of private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners, provided details on how personal care companies can access capital. Prospective companies should have a clear business plan, target profitable customer segments and consistently meet targets, according to Panos.

In the final session, Judi Beerling of Organic Monitor hosted a seminar on the technical hurdles companies face with natural and organic personal care products. Details were given of emulsifier, surfactant and preservative systems for natural and organic beauty product formulations. A key finding from the seminar was that the efficacy of such products was becoming on par with conventional cosmetics, however natural and organic products were losing out on aesthetics.

Organic Monitor has made Sustainable Cosmetics Summit presentations available for a fee.