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CEW Presents “Mass Appeal of Skincare”

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: May 24, 2010
CEW April 2010

Remi Kent (left), global associate marketing director, Olay, P&G Beauty, and Shannon Petree, divisional vice president and general marketing manager, Walgreens Co. discussed the reasons for the continued growth of mass skin care during one of the most difficult business climates at a recent CEW Women in Beauty Series event.

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Petree noted that Walgreens is very happy about the blurring of the lines between prestige and mass. “Our customers are happy to see the lines blurring too, because they want the same ingredients, benefits and delivery,” said Petree. “Walgreens continues to partner with brands that complement their skin and health care strategy. We are open to listening to and learning about new things, and we have to make choices that are based on customer priorities.”

She also noted the new ingestible trend. “I believe this is a trend that can gain critical mass over time.” In addition, men’s skin care is also starting to see some traction, as people are staying single longer, and men are out there experimenting with skin and personal care for themselves, added Petree.

Kent emphasized the public perception of naturals, noting that customers were skeptical when they first came out and were not willing to give up efficacy for nature. “Now, what is good for you, also needs to be good for your beauty, as well,” said Kent. She emphasized that Olay Professional is really the next level of power in product efficacy. “The combination of science and nature is the boilerplate of what customers are seeking today, and when nature comes through, it provides that wow factor that customers seek.”

Both Kent and Petree emphasized the importance of a daily dialogue with customers. “We need to keep her trust going forward. If we make her happy when she comes into the store, that is success, and that keeps her coming into the store,” said Petree. In keeping with the best approach for a satisfying career, Kent returned to authenticity. “Let your authentic self shine through. Always have big, bold ideas, and have smart people around you. Make them feel you care about them and always over deliver,” she said.

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