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Future Beauty Industry Leaders Forecast Beauty in 2020

Posted: May 27, 2010

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The Future of Fragrance (industry partner—Rochelle Bloom, president, The Fragrance Foundation) With a 16% dip in prestige fragrance sales in the past year and as many as 150 million Americans saying that they have decreased their use of fragrance from regularly to only occasionally, how do we get the fragrance industry back on its feet?

The Future of Leadership (industry partner—Carlotta Jacobson, president, Cosmetic Executive Women) It is said that Millennials, the next significant generation to follow the Baby Boomers, are a generation of young people who feel entitled. They put life before jobs, need detailed directions and guidance, have weaker interpersonal skills (don’t talk, but text) but, on the other hand, are supremely altruistic. What does this mean for our next generation of leadership in beauty? How will this impact organizations and corporate culture?

The Future of Beauty (industry partner—Lezlee Westine, president, Personal Care Products Council) The purpose of this topic was to develop a positioning statement for the industry going forward—a statement that reestablishes the value of the industry in the eyes of a new and possibly skeptical consumer.

Team members are listed in the captions in the accompanying photo gallery.

Joyce F. Brown, FIT’s president, gave welcoming remarks. Keynote speaker Chris Hacker, chief design officer, global strategic design, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., discussed the importance of mentoring and nurturing talent. Johnson & Johnson also sponsored for the event.