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CEW Presents Prestige Skin Care’s Top Innovators

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: December 4, 2012

(from the left) Tomoko Yamagishi-Dressler, senior vice president, marketing, Shiseido Cosmetics America; Silvia Galfo, senior vice president, marketing, U.S., Lancôme; and Charisse Ford, senior vice president, global marketing, Estée Lauder; talk prestige skin care innovations and consumers at CEW's November 2012 event.

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Targeting the skin with technological solutions is in growth mode. Galfo noted, “The fact that it’s sold close to the beauty counter has complemented its ease with other brands. It’s amazing how skin care products can be enhanced with its use.”

Yamagishi-Dressler added, “It was inspired by the sonic toothbrush, which shows us that we can learn from other technologies and adapt them for beauty use. Customers are willing to pay for the quality and performance.

“Innovative advances in technology are topics of interest. Clarisonic, although not a small brand, shows that the right product can be a category killer in one area, with high levels of research being key to success in an area,” Yamagishi-Dressler continued. “If you have a great idea that’s out of the box, you’ll be able to find collaborators. The efficacy of the product, whether it’s from a smaller brand or not, is key. If there’s a unique idea, there’s always a way to get it into the market.”

Consumer Experience

In response to what kind of experience the consumer is seeking today, Ford offered, “Consumers are still buying skin care. It’s at a seven-year high, and it’s not considered a luxury but a necessity. I expect it to grow.” Keeping the consumer engaged will impact the results, however. “As long as we do a good job of keeping up with expectations, I think the skin care category will continue to grow,” said Yamagishi-Dressler.

“The customer wants diagnostics and an emotional touch point at counter,” added Galfo, noting the importance of understanding the demographic needs of women. Ford noted the growth of the emerging middle class in China, the multi-ethnic consumers, and the increase in size of the aging population. “These are huge opportunities,” she said. Yamagishi-Dressler concurred, “Latin America consumers, as well as Asian consumers, are educated about skin care and both devote spending to beauty.” She indicated that these demographics will bode well for Shiseido.