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CEW's 2013 Achiever Awards

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: October 23, 2013
CEW 2013 Achiever Award Winners

The 2013 CEW Achiever Award winners, from left, Carolyn Holba of Maybelline New York, Garnier USA & Essie Nail Polish; Claudia Lucas, director merchandising, beauty, QVC; Julia Goldin, global chief marketing officer, Revlon; Karen Dubin, founder and director, Sniffapalooza; Agnes Landau, senior vice president, global marketing, Clinique; and Karen Buglisi-Weiler, global brand president, MAC.

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Dubin noted that she had loved fragrance since she was four years-old, when her grandmother had brought her soaps and perfumes from abroad. She said Jean Patou and Joy had forever changed her, discovering her developing olfactory sense early one in life. “I’m an equal opportunity fragrance lover,” she said, sharing her passion for all things fragrance. She thanked her partner, and fellow fragrance lover, Karen Adams, with whom the organization has grown to a new level, saying that “to be rewarded for following my passion is unbelievable.” In closing, Dubin said, “My mantra is making the world smell better, one person at a time.”

The 2012 Achiever Award Honoree, Karen Buglisi-Weiler, global brand president, MAC, who was unable to attend last year’s event, due to Hurricane Sandy, was awarded her honor this year. She was presented her honor by John Demsey, group president, The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc., who crowned her “the ultimate glamazon.” Demsey, who had worked with her at Revlon, has known her for 25 years and worked with her at MAC, attributed the success of the brand to Buglisi-Weiler.

Buglisi-Weiler acknowledged the challenges of raising three sons as a single mom and balancing a career with her family. She thanked her father for his example. “My father was a military man who taught me the value of dedication and perseverance.” She also thanked Demsey for his support of her career. “Live your life with passion and you will inspire people just be being yourself,” she said.

Chris Elshaw, CEO, Revlon, introduced Julia Goldin, global chief marketing officer, Revlon, saying, “Julia has an appreciation for all things beautiful.” Elshaw described Goldin as “the modern embodiment of glamour, a great runner in the Revlon Walk/Run, a Kilimanjaro climber, a tenacious businesswoman with a tough job and two children, and a mentor to her team.” Goldin, who as a relative newcomer to CEW three years ago, said she was delighted to find people so open, warm and friendly and offered advice, wisdom and friendship, noting she felt humbled in this group of women.

“I realized that it is important to focus on how to recognize potential in others and be less focused on me. It’s important to walk with the team, to set the goal and then to walk with the team. It all sounds like an American dream, but it’s also a Russian melodrama,” said Goldin, referring to her Russian roots. “It’s important to know what you really want and then work for it. When I wanted to work in Japan, people didn’t see it, but I love a challenge, and I know there’s always a solution. Take a deep breath, be patient, listen to other people and you’ll find a solution,” said Goldin.