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The Future Of Beauty: The Future of Leadership

Future of Leadership: (from left) Caroline Ornst (Firmenich, Inc.), Lea Koussoulis (L’Oreal USA), Carlotta Jacobson (CEW), Marixsa Rodriguez (Victoria’s Secret Beauty), Carly Guerra (Estée Lauder Companies).

By: Carly Guerra, Lea Koussoulis, Caroline Ornst, Marixsa Rodriguez
Posted: September 21, 2010

Group Mentor: Carlotta Jacobson, Cosmetic Executive Women

Current State of Leadership

The current state of leadership and organizational model are outgrowths of the Industrial Revolution. There are multiple layers establishing power through rules and processes. People report to the office, sit at their desks and take direction from the leaders at the top. Not much has changed through the years because today's organizations continue to be too hierarchical. This type of structure is rigid and does not foster creativity and passion from all members of the organization.

The digital age that we live in will continue to enhance communication and business interactions. However, the current organizational structure does not support this movement and will not work in the future. This model is becoming outdated because it was designed for the industrial economy, not the information economy.

The New Ecosystem—Community, Agility, Sustainability

Companies need to create a new social contract with their employees that puts people first and acknowledges the needs of its changing workforce. Seventy-six million Millennials (born 1982–1995) are coming into the workforce, and they bring with them a new set of values and digital knowledge that will transform our communities and the way we do business. If companies could better inspire their employees, people would be more productive and creative. Simon Sinek wrote, “Inspired employees make for stronger companies and stronger economies.”

Our solution is a new corporate Ecosystem, which functions with three main attributes: community, agility and sustainability.