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The Future Of Beauty: The Future of Leadership

By: Carly Guerra, Lea Koussoulis, Caroline Ornst, Marixsa Rodriguez
Posted: September 21, 2010

Future of Leadership: (from left) Caroline Ornst (Firmenich, Inc.), Lea Koussoulis (L’Oreal USA), Carlotta Jacobson (CEW), Marixsa Rodriguez (Victoria’s Secret Beauty), Carly Guerra (Estée Lauder Companies).

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Community: The top-down hierarchy will transform into a boundless environment where work is executed through conversation.

Company structure will not go away completely, it will only change from the way we know it today. There will be no layers of hierarchy to break through in order to share ideas. It will be an environment of constant information flow. With this new work structure, we will see co-creation where the leader has to ask, “What do you think we should do?” The co-collaborators (who will be working with the leader; not for the leader) will surround the leader. This new leader does not necessarily have to be a woman, but needs to demonstrate feminine traits of empathy in order to manage successful teams in 2020.

Cross-functional teams will be considered tribes within an organization. Each tribe will be working on a specific company project. Ideally, there will no longer be a product development department or a marketing department. Instead there will be representatives from product development and marketing within one tribe. Tribes will be constantly evolving so all employees have the opportunity to work on different projects. As a result, there will be tribes where individuals are collaborating with one another on a project that they love in a fluid and open environment in order to produce maximum results.

Agility: In the future, only the most agile companies will be left to compete, and competition will intensify as technology advances. We need to embrace agility as the new paradigm for leadership. Leaders who are agile will allow for transparency, which will foster open communication and better connection within the tribes. With Millennials entering the workforce, the workplace will be filled with risk-takers who are willing to experiment and jump into an idea feet-first without the thought of failure. The future workplace will need to morph into a more fluid and porous environment, allowing for more experimentation and innovation. Employees will respect the leader‟s honesty and be inspired and motivated to perform.

Transparency leads to trust. Trust is about relying on others and having faith. Through our research, we found that there is a lack of trust among the Millennials today. They have grown up during a time with no real role models and no true leadership. They have been let down by organized religions, financial institutions have crumbled, and they have watched their parents lose their life savings. The heroes to this generation are their parents and best friends, because this is whom they see as authentic leaders. A corporate title no longer equates to leadership.