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Of Bacon, The Cloud and Connections

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: November 1, 2011, from the November 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“Consumers want those things that create the experience,” John Pyrzenski, sales director, HCT, told me during a cocktail conversation at Cosmoprof North America. “We have date night again. It might not be sushi every Tuesday, but we’re going out the third Saturday of every month and we’re dressing up.”

And in beauty and in branding in general, dressing up has never been more of a key. Jennifer Karsh writes in Does Your Package Have a Personality? that savvy companies have figured out the best way for a package to stand out in the crowd is for that package to have a winsome personality all on its own—and there’s got to be a connection. “We all dream and we all aspire and we all shop,” Karsh writes. “And when we are rolling our carts at Target or perusing the shelves at Sephora, we are looking for a reflection that speaks to our inner longing, our inner dialogue.”

The connections continue in Rick Ruffolo’s Just Follow Your Nose! feature, where he notes branding through fragrance is about solidifying an emotional connection with consumers. Additionally, “[Fragrance] changes environmental experience, changes product experience and has an add-on effect that improves our sensorial experience, amplifies our impression and fulfills immersive experiences,” Bruce Dybvad, CEO, Interbrand Design Form, tells Ruffolo.

And in New Strategic Challenges for Fragrance, Euromonitor International’s Rob Walker writes a key trend in fragrance is likely to be a greater emphasis on the personalization of brands, particularly in the higher-value developed markets. Further, Gen Y are key consumer targets across developed markets, and a clear differentiation in marketing and advertising, as well as scent, for personal, and even intimate, engagement through real and virtual platforms, will be required to entice these tech-savvy and demanding shoppers.

In The Importance of Efficacy in Cosmeceutical Beauty, Abby Penning writes that cosmeceutical products leveraging ingredient innovations appeal to a wide range of consumers, and making sure consumers are able to perceive the benefit of a cosmeceutical product is an important element in this segment’s marketing.