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Cover Story: 20 to Know

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: January 10, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Scott-Vincent Borba
Creator and Founder

Finding success in a new segment of an ever-expanding market is not an easy undertaking. Scott-Vincent Borba, called “an entrepreneur with evolutionary merit,” not only sought to carve out a place in the emerging nutraceuticals segment, he aims to change the way people think about skin care. In creating Skin Balance Water, Aqua-less Crystalline and Skin Balance Confections skin care waters, Borba melds science, beauty, fashion and lifestyle into one organic, synergistic approach. Armed with experience in developing and branding products for a number of well-known personal care companies, Borba launched his brand on QVC in May 2006, and posted approximately $5 million in sales little more than a year later through that channel alone. That success led to an investment collaboration and to a unique agreement with Anheuser-Busch in which the beverage giant gained U.S. distribution and marketing rights, which also included BORBA’s Aqua-Less Crystallines, a powder form of the drinkable skin care line. The brand continues to build partnerships within the cosmetics industry, providing, for example, nutraceutical cores for lipsticks.

Michael Indursky
Chief Marketing and Strategic Officer
Burt’s Bees

With more than 20 years as a strategic marketer with a strong consumer orientation, Mike Indursky began his current role leading all marketing activities at Burt’s Bees in July 2005. In designing and directing the strategic development of the brand, Indursky has championed a commitment to educate consumers as the words “natural” and “organic” appear on evermore labels, while driving the expansion of Burt’s Bees’ natural products portfolio to maximize the company’s growth.

The Greater Good is the company’s response to consumer and competitive dynamics in its category, and under this business model, with strong leadership from Indursky, Burt’s Bees has undertaken the responsibility toward helping consumers understand what natural is and isn’t in order for them to maximize their well-being. Furthermore, the model dictates that Burt’s discloses ingredients and associated risks.