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Secret of the Niche

By: Kevin F. Gallagher
Posted: June 7, 2011, from the June 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Our extensive clinical studies of these peptides indicated that they have been able to make reality of the promise of “younger looking skin” with fewer “visible signs of aging”. These anti-aging peptides now represent the key ingredients in a variety of anti-aging products that have helped revolutionize the skin care market. One of the most important aspects of this particular revolution has been to bring true anti-aging technology to the supermarket shelves. No longer is true anti-aging, anti-wrinkling performance the exclusive property of the purchasers of luxury goods, as it’s now available to mass market consumers at an affordable price.

Of course, we haven’t stopped with these important marketplace breakthroughs. We continue our work, in close cooperation and partnership with our customers to find ways to help them to identify and exploit new market niche opportunities. We view every day as a new challenge to existing ingredients and existing products. Every day brings new opportunities for innovation. We believe that our vital job, our niche in the ingredient marketplace, is in helping consumer product companies find their next niche and achieve the “wow” factor with consumers.


A word of thanks for the important contributions of Allan Gorman (BrandSpa) and Cara Eaton in the development of this article. In addition, these successful innovations would not have been possible without the technological breakthroughs of Tim Gao, PhD; Karl Lintner, PhD; Abel Pereira; and a talented team of technical, marketing and sales professionals.

Kevin Gallagher is the president of Croda Inc. In this capacity, he is fully responsible for Croda’s businesses in the U.S. and Canada, which comprise one of Croda International Plc’s major manufacturing divisions and centers of excellence for innovative new product development. Gallagher also serves as president of Sederma Inc. As such, he is responsible for coordinating and integrating marketing activities, and facilitating new product development for this leading-edge bioactive ingredient subsidiary.