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A Study in Brand Engineering

By: Remyi Fredson-Cole
Posted: April 27, 2012, from the May 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In this way, you can engineer a solid foundation for your beauty brand. It helps you lay out a plan, see a variety of variables and solution options, think critically about the best way to address different variables, and assist in developing a system for you to ingrain your brand’s principles not just into its products but also into its team members.

Remyi Fredson-Cole is the co-founder of Edia Cosmetics For Hair, as well as an author and entrepreneur who cut his teeth with Fortune 100 companies in various roles covering product engineering, marketing strategy and operations. He challenges conventional wisdom with his approach to market strategies and brand engineering, and he is the author of I Have An Idea ... Now What? A Blueprint for the 21st Century Entrepreneur, available summer 2012 in audiobook and digital format. Contact him at