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Cover Story: Innovation Through Collaboration

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: May 1, 2008, from the May 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Mezzina DiResta says she and Kelly chose to contact BriteSmile instead of other whitening brands due to its unique product delivery system. Its portable To Go pen has a brush head that works over multiple uses. “Our gloss was able to be delivered via a brush as well,” she says. “The double-ended, brush-head pen component is incredibly portable, and neither of us had to compromise our formulas or packaging.”

A similar efficacy testing went into Tarte’s partnership with BriteSmile as it did with the BORBA project. Parpard Harrison says the companies ensured Enbrightenmint would have the same delivery as their individual parts when sold individually. Since changes in temperature and travel between facilities can affect ingredients, it was important to raise the bar with Enbrightenmint’s overall performance.

And with the launch of Enbrightenmint, BriteSmile has branched Tarte into a new field and introduced their customers to one another. “It was helpful to align ourselves with a brand that had already established itself as a credible expert in the health and wellness sector of beauty,” says Mezzina DiResta.

Consumer Loyalty
Also in the wellness sector since its debut in 2004, BORBA—similar to Tarte—has vigorously tackled the beauty industry and won. Borba himself, the entrepreneur in his 30s, stars often on QVC to discuss his journey as a business visionary, which includes his project partnerships. When the Inside Out line was launched, he even co-starred on QVC with Tarte’s Kelly.

“With every subcategory we have, we link up with the best of the best,” says Borba, who researches, singles out and pursues top competitors for a co-branding pitch. “Then I pick up the phone and call the president of a company.” Borba admits only about one in every 10 pitches work. “There’s a lot of ego involved,” he says. “You have to separate it and pull together to focus on the best end-product for the consumer.”