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Fanning the Flames of Innovation

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: June 9, 2008, from the June 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“In certain instances, marketers promote not only the product but the packaging as well,” says DeAnn Umland, product manager, personal care and household, Seaquist Closures, citing the company’s new PinPoint dispensing closure with an Alcan Beauty Packaging tube. “In fact, we are seeing marketers promote the soft tip [of PinPoint] as the key winning feature of the package on the product itself. In addition, PinPoint has often helped to start the development process of a new product around the packaging solution.”

This also has implications for formulators, lending momentum to the drive for increasingly sophisticated formulations that are a good match for the packaging technology.

“Dispensers are not an afterthought anymore, they are also driving formulation innovations,” says de Jong, citing Rexam’s Symbio dual-lotion dispenser. “One of our customers created a completely new formulation to be used with the foam pump. In this way, it has been able to create a new segment in the highly competitive dish wash market.”

“The packaging needs to complement the bulk, and the bulk needs to complement the package,” says Jeffrey Hayet, vice president of global sales, World Wide Packaging, noting the tube for Mary Kay’s TimeWise Targeted Action Line Reducer. “This custom tube package marries Mary Kay’s product to the overall package design, due to the softness of the tube head as the product is applied to the delicate eye area. In today’s packaging world, customers target specific packaging choices that will complement their product. Customization of a package brings branding to the product and value to our customers, and the way a package allows for effective dispensability and application of the product enhances its overall retail value.”

“The big challenge for us, of course, is to develop a product that offers true benefits for our customers, by improving the efficacy of the product,” says de Jong. “Rexam supports customer branding through new products and technologies. A great example is the airless lotion pump we created for L’Oréal’s Dermo-Expertise line. This new design supports the high-tech image of the product.”