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Trade Routes: Where What Isn’t Will be Found

By: Michael Wynne
Posted: August 29, 2008, from the February 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Hiring highly creative, open-minded people is one of the most successful ways of creating new ideas, concepts, products and services. Unilever recruits people to fit its 11 competencies, among which are personal qualities such as passion for growth, breakthrough thinking and organizational awareness. Procter & Gamble looks for leadership, collaboration, problem-solving and ability to take risks. Today, all companies are looking for team players who are able to delegate and develop ideas in common.

Exploring Frontiers

Today, the frontiers where science and customer satisfaction meet must be explored. For example, at what point do cosmetics become drugs and drugs become cosmetics? Cosmetics originally started out just highlighting features and qualities, but many of today’s products are increasingly therapeutic as well as beauty aids.

To increase innovation awareness, find out what laboratories around the world are working on. Google keywords “Cosmetics Research” and a whole panorama of research will open up for you. Visit to explore an area that offers unlimited potential in a myriad of fields, including cosmetics. Not everything will be obvious at first glance—life is not that easy—but, with time and as you go up the learning curve, you will begin to generate questions that lead to the search for answers that might become revolutionary new products and services.

This is a time that demands innovation; without it, businesses will not survive. Creativity demands intellectual and emotional stimulus. Adventuring into the unknown has its risks, but it is where the greatest rewards will be found.