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Inspiration is All Around

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: December 10, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

Gail Boye

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So much of what makes the customization possible for Mark has to do with the packaging, which Boye oversees. In creating packaging, the brand’s mission is always top of mind. “Whenever we ideate across disciplines, we go back to the brand hallmark of Social Beauty.” The Mark sales channel also impacts decisions.

Because Mark is sold through a magalog (a cross between a catalog and a magazine) and the Internet, Boye says she has to think a lot like a merchandiser. “Selling on a flat surface with finite space forces you to use all descriptors and prioritize,” she says, “while the two dimensional (Internet) experience allows more interaction and animation. I need to ideate keeping both selling spaces in mind.

“From a product branding perspective, the overall challenge for me is to be sure the packaging doesn’t become too similar and over branded and not ‘pop,’ while at the same time work within the confines of the brand architecture.

“Overseeing package design challenges me to keep the line fresh and interesting, while always staying on brand,” she adds.


A major mission for Mark product development is to create a prestige product at a masstige prices. “Mark is in basically a white space, because of our more prestige branding and packaging but also our masstige pricing,” says Boye. “There is nothing else like it on the market that has these two elements.”