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Inspired by Nature

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: February 27, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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I am pleased to introduce a new contributor to GCI magazine. Marie Alice Dibon, PharmD, principal at Alice Communications, Inc., helps companies in the life science sector develop innovative technologies. Throughout the year, she will deliver several articles focused on the challenges of managing innovation. “The Clash of Structure and Chaos” presents steps to creating a climate that will nurture innovation. Future issues will cover where to look for new ideas (lessons learned from the pharmaceutical industry), how to recognize and acquire new technologies, how to work with inventors and other industries, and the challenges of creating symbiosis between marketing and R&D efforts. I welcome your comments on this exciting new feature series.

Beginnings often come with endings in tow, and such is the case in this issue. Nancy Jeffries has been our eyes and ears on the New York beauty scene for many years, and has covered it with depth, precision and caring without fail. So, it is with great respect and no small measure of sadness that we present her final column for GCI magazine. We will, of course, continue to bring you news from New York and the rest of North America in keeping with our coverage of other regions of the world, and to deliver business-critical information to marketer and manufacturer company executives.