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Future Perfect

By: Nancy McDonald and Salvador Pliego
Posted: October 5, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Marine algae that float on the surface of the ocean are sources of another plant active, albeit with a different type of mechanism, that we are closely studying. These algae are constantly exposed to the sun’s damaging UV light, yet the algae not only stay alive, but flourish despite prolonged exposure because they contain a powerful recovery active. Yet another example, desert plants require protection and moisture retention for survival. This has inspired us to create a facsimile of this technology for long-lasting protection and moisture on skin.

Nancy: All too often, we overuse the word innovation, but these types of innovations rock—and bring home the message that, yet again, innovation should be the critical part of a beauty compass for the future.

I’d like to recall the battle cry that Salvador and I have made our own: reevaluate, revamp, reinvigorate. It is clear that it’s being picked up, and science continues to deliver some incredibly creative tools by applying this cry to what nature has already provided. Beauty industry gurus, the R&D scientists, never dreamed of the technological and ingredient ammunition they now have at their command. A far cry from those beauty tools from the past.

You’re quite right, Salvador. It’s time to take the painful lessons we are currently in the midst of (dealt to us by economy) and learn from them—to capitalize on the power of these discoveries that have shown to be proven and safe scientific breakthroughs. Our cosmetics time line is currently in frantic search of a new signature. Let’s get our pens ready.

Salvador: Agreed, but let’s not trade sexy, dynamic or intriguing for the reputation of the industry. Sadly, some of its players have often come to the brink on this point. Rather than capitalize on the jargon of unproven technology to give a brand hype, it is the beauty industry’s critical responsibility to be diligent about what is put in a bottle—it must be that which is scientifically proven to be effective through rigorous testing, and, most importantly for consumers, safe over the long term. We must be vigilant about the proper and improper use of science for beauty. There are inherent dangers if not used wisely.